TrueNAS Scale Dragonfish - MinIO Question

Hi all,

I am working on getting MinIO working on my TrueNAS Scale DragonFish to no avail. I am able to go through the steps listed in your guys video with some modifications. The issue is that I cannot access the web UI when it is complete. In the logs it only shows obtainment of localhost or 172.6.x.x IP (which is the cluster IP). It does not indicate that it is able to connect to the systems IP at all.

What I would expect is when clicking on “Web Portal” a new window opens with the TrueNAS IP and minio port for web UI. Instead I just get a white screen that eventually times out.

Log output:

2024-06-27 09:45:02.511507-04:00Formatting 1st pool, 1 set(s), 1 drives per set.
2024-06-27 09:45:02.512312-04:00WARNING: Host local has more than 0 drives of set. A host failure will result in data becoming unavailable.
2024-06-27 09:45:02.914802-04:002024-06-27T09:45:02.914802759-04:00
2024-06-27 09:45:02.914876-04:00You are running an older version of MinIO released 11 months ago 
2024-06-27 09:45:02.914898-04:00Update: Run `mc admin update` 
2024-06-27 09:45:02.914916-04:002024-06-27T09:45:02.914916788-04:00
2024-06-27 09:45:02.914956-04:002024-06-27T09:45:02.914956400-04:00
2024-06-27 09:45:02.990961-04:00MinIO Object Storage Server
2024-06-27 09:45:02.991005-04:00Copyright: 2015-2023 MinIO, Inc.
2024-06-27 09:45:02.991018-04:00License: GNU AGPLv3 <>
2024-06-27 09:45:02.991029-04:00Version: RELEASE.2023-07-21T21-12-44Z (go1.19.11 linux/amd64)
2024-06-27 09:45:02.991040-04:002024-06-27T09:45:02.991040540-04:00
2024-06-27 09:45:02.991170-04:00Status:         1 Online, 0 Offline. 
2024-06-27 09:45:02.991212-04:00S3-API:     
2024-06-27 09:45:02.991607-04:00Console:   
2024-06-27 09:45:02.991631-04:002024-06-27T09:45:02.991631955-04:00
2024-06-27 09:45:02.991644-04:00Documentation:
2024-06-27 09:45:02.991656-04:00Warning: The standard parity is set to 0. This can lead to data loss.

They made a change since I made the video. If you are using an untrusted certificate it will sit there for a while and then open up as long as you have “Domain” setting set. For a self signed cert I just use the IP address.

I know it says “Domain (Optional)” but with a self signed cert, it’s not.

Thanks! That resolved it :slight_smile:

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