TrueNAS Scale - Cobia **STOP**

Just upgraded to Cobia.

Apps won’t work, VM won’t start. Looks like many others with same problem. Don’t upgrade yet!

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Other than never upgrade anything to a .0 version, I Agree. I wouldn’t upgrade yet even though my upgrade went better then some including the pool upgrade but I did not have encrypted pools. I also would go against what I did and NOT use Scale for a (my) production server. I used it for a lightly loaded storage server with a couple apps and no VM’s I thought it was mature enough, and while I think the data is safe I found after the fact that I think there is still too much in flux around it where things depended upon might break, or not work as expected. Core would still be a better at this point.

On the Apps not working after upgrade, I just needed to reselect the pool they were based on and everything magically reappeared and works as before. I did follow Tom’s advice and use Host Path to store the apps config etc.

On the forum posted ARC cache adjustment from CLI that does not seem to work, at least not on my test system. The method using a postinit command Tom posted in a video does continue to work fine; at least for me.

My install is very basic, no extras. I was able to upgrade this weekend no issues.

Patch released. Upgrading now.