TrueNAS Scale Cloud Sync


I have a cloud sync task to backup my nextcloud data and database datasets to backblaze. The datasets are encrypted and I’m using separate encryption for the sync task too.

When the task runs it’s backs up everything as expected. Then the next time it backs up changes. However, reliably at the 3rd of 4th sync, it appears to resync all files under a different folder.

Now the info tip on filename encryption states that “The original directory structure is preserved. A filename with the same name always has the same encrypted filename.” This is not the behaviour I appear to be observing, unless I’m miss understanding how it’s supposed to work?

I’m familiar with delta backups where you specify how many backups should run between a new full backup, but I don’t see a similar option on truenas. I get barely 2MB upload, having the full backup go every 3 days isn’t very feasibly when it takes 2 days just to finish.

Anyone got any advice?

I don’t currently have any systems using BackBlaze any more but your setup sounds correct having it set to SYNC. If no one else here has any suggestions you can try posting in the TrueNAS forums.

Thanks Tom! I’ve just set it to backup with encrypted file names turned off so we’ll see if that makes a difference in future backups. I’ll update once that’s run a few times

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Still testing this. Potentially changing to non encrypted file names has solved it, but I have seen it do at least one full size backup since switching to that (I did run an initial backup after changing the setting so that’s 2 full backups since changing the setting) however the last couple have completed as expected, only changing the files that change.

Will continue to monitor and update with what I find

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