TrueNas scale behind HA proxy/pfsense difficulty

I have HA proxy running on pfsense doing ssl offloading to several apps/containers. all working fine.
I can’t however seem to get truenas scale to work. I assume it’s due to nginx running on scale?
anyone have any suggestions on how to configure either scale or haproxy to make it work? I’m able to get a good cert, but get this msg.400 Bad Request
The plain HTTP request was sent to HTTPS port
I have tried in HAproxy, changing port 80/443 tried checking and unchecking the ssl checkbox. if i go that route I get a 503. so either way a 400 or a 503.

I have not tested it but it should work. That error might be because you need to point the HAProxy back end over to the 443 of the TrueNAS and make sure to choose “NO” for the SSL checks.