TrueNAS Scale as hypervisor

Tom, I know that you’re planning a new video on TrueNAS Scale now that a stable version has been released. I’ve been planning to build new hardware on Intel Alder Lake platforms. I’d been thinking of separate storage and application server boxes, with TrueNAS on one and Proxmox or XCP-ng on the other. On Tuesday (22nd), Patrick Kennedy did a piece on TrueNAS Scale suggesting that with a Linux base and KVM, Proxmox may not be necessary. That’s contrary to what I’d seen somewhere earlier, which suggested that each application (hypervisor and storage server) is best in its niche and not very good in the other niche. So I’d be interested in your observations about using TrueNAS as the only home lab hypervisor, whether in the “how to” TrueNAS video or in something subsequent. FYI, I don’t have any experience with TrueNAS, but am looking to migrate from QNAP.

Using TrueNAS core as a hypervisor was always buggy and being that TrueNAS Scale is so new I expect it to be buggy as well. Also, they are both projects that have very basic hypervisor function and don’t offer the advanced features you get with XCP-NG or Proxmox.