TrueNAS SCALE and Wireguard?

I started testing TrueNAS SCALE and I now want to configure WireGuard for it. Might anyone know if WireGuard is supported in SCALE yet or if it will in the future?

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I believe it’s supported but I would love a tutorial on how to set it up. There are no apps yet that I am aware of but since there are, for example, a few linuxserver/wireguard repositories on docker hub, I imagine it should be possible. Am only a short way into my docker experience - and anyway Scale uses a kubernetes version (I think) of managing docker containers, such that I am very confused about how to proceed. Lots of reading to do.


I haven’t even touched the SCALE installation yet – just not enough hours right now in the day considering my CORE implementation is working great. You are right that Scale does use some form of Kubernetes for Docker management. I’m not sure how it all works. Someone stated you could use compose however I just don’t know. I’m not a K8s or K3s expert by any means.