Truenas Scale and syncthing stuck at syncing

I am trying to sync a windows machine to a truenas scale dataset. I followed Tom’s
" How To Setup TrueNAS Scale Apps With Shares For Host Path Volumes".

I just want the windows folder to be backed up to truenas. I wanted to set it so windows box sends only and the truenas only receives but I do not set up right now.

In windows


the windows machine gets stuck at Syncing (12%, 8g6 B) in the remote devices sections, the “Folders” is up to date.

In truenas


the “Folders” is out of Sync

with failed

“syncing: handling dir (setting permissions): chmod /file_path operation not permitted”

I look at the folder on the truenas via smb the files are there.

when I ssh into the box and

when I ls -la
drwxrwxrwx 2 apps X201 2 Jan 18 05:25 ‘New folder’

Make sure the permissions for the dataset on TrueNAS for Syncthing is set to:

Owner: apps
Group: apps

Thank you for the response, I really do appreciate it.

The dataset was set to

Owner: apps
Group: apps

I got it working, but not sure how “correct” the solution is. On the truenas forums a post says to change “‘aclmode=passthrough’” and that indeed fixed it.

Honestly, not sure what switching that fixes or breaks. Can anyone tell me what I have wrong from changing “‘aclmode=passthrough’”?

I have not been keeping up with all the recent changes to their apps as we don’t use them in production environments and while I did the demo on Filebrowser, it’s not part of my daily use to know what changed.