Truenas scale and docker question

I am running ubuntu server with ZFS and docker using compose, I’m really interested in truenas scale, just was curious if we could run docker compose in cli? as some docker apps do not look like they are in truenas, or is there a way to pull dockers from example linuxserver.IO?

I have no idea and I am still learning what does and does not work yet. Try their forums TrueNAS Community

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They’re using Kubernetes which does not natively support docker-compose yaml files. However there are tools / websites and other ways to import those files. Assuming your containers are the typical solutions without special labels and such (like what Traefik 2 requires) it should be pretty easy for you to transpose the settings into Kubernetes (Mapped volumes, environment variables etc…).

Short answer is no, long answer is yes (with legwork). Since you’re already running linux, you could create a VM and throw Truenas scale on it, and give it a test.