TrueNAS Scale 23.x - 24.x - MinIO

Mentioning @LTS_Tom here.
Thanks for your response on the Youtube video yesterday.
Pinging you here since i’ve tested the RC of TrueNAS Scale Dragonfish-24.04-RC.1 with MinIO and still get the same issue with MinIO and HostPath validation issue.

Error in App:

2024-04-03 09:24:28
Back-off restarting failed container minio in pod minio-68df769bb5-ndhj7_ix-minio(e1c902c9-9f41-417f-8c5b-a8770aebd57e)

The only way i can get it to work if i set it to the subfolder of a dataset and change the owner of that dataset to apps:apps

Did you may have this tested as well or will this be fixed in the full release version? Or are we missing a checkbox somewhere;

Post from youtube;

Tom, Did you check with the latest version of TrueNAS Scale 23.10 - Installing MinIO will not work anymore on HostPath. You now need to get this working with SMB shares Juk… Looking into the options now. - Maybe you can do a little updated video on this to get it working the right way.


It works in 24.04 which will be out in about another week.


As was covered in the video, you need to set the dataset permissions to APP so that Minio has permissions.

Done that :smiley: But does not work if you select the “Main / Root” of the dataset.
Only if you create another Dataset below it.


If there are other nested datasets you would need to set the permissions recursively to all of those that MinIo would need access to.

Right, don’t want it on nested datasets. Want to have it on the main one. Like i showed in the screenshot; MinIO_S3_01
So that’s right under the pool. MinIO in the latest version of TrueNAS so 24.x only seems to work if you set it to a Nested Dataset that’s not how we would like it.

@LTS_Tom I’ve Created a small video about it see here:

As you can see i Create the dataset with the Apps property and it still refuses to start the MinIO Container.

I See now, i think there is a bug still in the GUI of 24.x
When you create the dataset with Apps.
It still sets root as owner / group.
Going in the ACL and changing it to apps user will work. :face_exhaling:

Screenshot for reference:

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Just coming to forum to report exact issue. This fix has saved me loads of time. Thanks guys

You’re welcome, have cost us also many hours. Also before with previous versions.
If you need more info, let me know.