TrueNas Scale 10Gb Nic

Hi all,
Looking for guidance for the best 10GB Copper Nic for TrueNas Scale. Can anyone recommend a card or point me to a list of supported cards.

There seems to be lots of people asking this in multi Forums but can not find a List anywhere.



I always use SFP nic cards such as the INTEL X520-DA2.

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I don’t know specifically about SCALE since Linux supports a lot more cards than CORE which is BSD based, however when I checked into upgrading last year and posted a similar question on the TrueNAS forums, it seems hands down the intel x520 cards are really well supported. Someone however turned me on to this card however: Solarflare SFN6122F Dual-Port 10GbE SFP+ Server and it worked really really well for me. A few users on the TrueNAS forums had good luck with this card as well. The big kicker on this card however was I purchased it on eBay for only $65 which was a lot less money. It has an Intel 82599 chipset. Chelseo cards were a lot more expensive. I know you wanted copper but this card has 2 SFP+ ports. TrueNAS forums might be a better resource for you.

Echoing what’s already been said, I got an X520-DA2 off ebay, plugged it into my Scale box with a $15 DAC and was off to the races. I didn’t have to do anything at all in the OS, it just worked.

my three servers are IBM based and have dual 10GbE - IBM Mellanox chipset - FRU-98Y2404

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