TrueNAS SAMBA and Windows 10 configuration

I am having problem setting the correct options to allow Windows 10 PC to map a drive on TrueNAS.

Here are my requirements:

On TrueNAS 12.0-U4.1 I want a ZFS Dataset for each Windows PC that only that PC (not the User logged in) can access and a common Dataset that all PCs can access.

Each Windows PC is named dragon101, dragon102, etc and they get a reserved IP Address via DHCP and that is their DNS Name. Different Users could login on a given PC, but the PC Name will be the same. The per PC ZFS Dataset will be used for backups of the PC.

The common ZFS Dataset will be used to store files that any of the PCs need to access, pictures, documents, etc.

I have tried several different configurations and run into different problems with each. I have changed the order of the steps and run into different problems. Steps being:

Create ZFS Dataset on TrueNAS.
Example: /mnt/data/dragon101

Create SAMA Share on TrueNAS.
Example: /mnt/data/dragon101

Create User Account on TrueNAS.
Example: User: dragon101 Group: house
User: dragon102 Group: house

As you can see in the example the FreeNAS User Account is the same as the PC Name, not the User that is logged on to Windows.

I have tried different ACL Types and setting.

Problems I have run into.

  1. Cannot map the Windows 10 Drive to TrueNAS, name or password invalid, even though I know they are valid and correct.

2.It maps the Windows 10 Drive, but also create a new sub-directory, /mnt/data/dragon101/dragon101.

TrueNAS goes by user name and not computer name. I have a video here on how to do the ACL permissions.

Can you assign computers to a security group? I’ve never tried so I’m not sure if this is possible, but it looks like it may work. Then you could assign that security group to one of your permissions.

Otherwise I’m not sure if what you want is possible.

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I use this configuration.
I create a dataset name USERS and a GROUP name USERS.
Them create a smb share name same USERS. In advance settings click this option.
Them create a user dragon101

  1. In primary group USER and new primary group like this.


2)In Home Directory check the path.


Check the group have permission to write and read in this dataset.

If the user in TrueNAS and Windows have the same name and password. You can see the folder.
In my case, i mount like Z: in Windows PC.
This special dataset is not browsable for other users.

I hope this configuration help you.

P.D: Sorry for my english, I’m from Argentina.

My best regards. Good luck.