TrueNAS Replication where is the data

Hi there,

So I made my pool to small and I can’t make it bigger with just one drive.

Before destroying the original data I launched several Replication task that only needed to run once,
Everything runnend local so on this system.

I made the new pool a little bigger and started to create several Data sets some where nested.
QData/QMedia/QFoto is one of them. QData/QFoto-not-published is another

Now is the time to restore the saved data I thought.
I launched the replication task and I see that the QFoto is consuming Gbytes but when I open putty and go with MC to the dataset I don’t see any file.

Where is al this data going to?
Some advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks for reading

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I am not clear on where you sent the data, was it to another TrueNAS system or to another pool on your system?

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It was sent to another pool on the same system. It’s still copying almost 2TB now.

Is it that the snapshot isn’t visible as a file or directory>

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So it’s finally done the 6.76TB copy has succeeded but only now I can see the files.
Maybe something to mention in your videos. That until done nothing shows up.
Scary that so little info is provided in this process.

I still find the export import strategy’s lacking for TrueNAS…AS is fo QNAP nowadays.
Vendor lock in drives us back to CLI.

Stil copying or syncing several TB over rsync at roughly 40MB/s is to slow for being practical.

Thanks for reading

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