TrueNAS removeing native S3 service and moving to PlugIn/Jail

I was poking around with my TrueNAS Core server to today and notice there was an update. In the release notes the S3 service is being depreciated due to security and the replacement will be a the MinIO plugin with a Jail setup to support S3 buckets. I just was wondering if Tom was going to update his video on setting up MinIO on TrueNAS and then setting up Synology backups to the MinIO S3 services?

This move has already happened on SCALE. It was only a matter of time before it happened on CORE. Not sure if Tom will do an update video for installing MinIO as a jail. Running jails is old news now days as SCALE has more up-to-date apps and is built to run applications using kubernetes.

The MINIO was not working with SSL back in October and I had let the team at TrueNAS know about it. I think they have since fixed it and I need to do some testing to verify it works.

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So far I haven’t been able to get the plugin / jail to work with any clients. I can log into the interface and create buckets but both S3 Explorer and Synology attempt connections but just timeout. I created new ports as documented 9000 and 9001 are the default ports used by the older service so in the Jail I mapped 9006 to 9000 and 9007 to 9001.

I am looking around at the TrueNAS site to see if I missed anything.


Yes the issue is missing SSL in the jail instance. By default, the plugin doesn’t do SSL. I was able to connect with S3 Browser if I turned off secure transfer. I did find this link in the TrueNAS forums for enabling SSL: