Truenas - Pfsense Firewall

Hey guys,

This is probably really rudimentary. I wondered what the best Pfsense NAT & Rule settings were for TrueNas. Been a while since I picked up the FreeNas / TrueNas banner so a bit rusty. As much as I love Tom I don’t think I could handle watching all those videos again!.
Using Pfblocker & PIA so any relevant info would be appreciated, will be running Plex also so would like a direct connection. Tom does great Videos but YouTube seems to be funny about which ones it shows.
Hope you can be of some help?
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Whats wrong with enabling OpenVPN or IPSec in pfSense and connecting to your LAN using a secure VPN connection instead of forwarding ports and exposing your NAS directly to the WAN?

Dude, too advanced!! VPN is up and running, obviously don’t want to expose my NAS.

Just can’t get Truenas to update?

Have I done this correctly??



Is the goal to access TrueNAS remotely?

No just internal, Plex obviously later on.

Truenas just won’t connect to the Internetto update etc.

I’ll take it I screwed that then and will delete it!!.

Where do I put the rules mate?

This is always so much of an arse-ache!



No special rules or port forwards needed for TrueNAS to get online. Make sure it has a valid IP, gateway and DNS behind you firewall.

Hey T

New Install so I haven’t set up any rules for it, can’t find any Instructions anymore for firewall rules.

Truenas isn’t updating, I have SSH disabled, does that make a difference?.

Can’t seem to find your basic setup videos on YouPoo anymore.

Shall I do a fresh Install or is the problem rule based?.

Sorry mate, been a few years since I done this and am a bit lost…

I’m sure a URL in right direction will do me fine, just can’t find a relevant one.

Saw one that opened a gateway for Plex forinstance O/S the VPN.

Can’t find any of them! Great content dude, You are the King of IT!.



Also mate

I’ve created a Pfsense ACME cert, Working, but again not an expert.

As Truenas has ACME, do I then setup Pfsense as the CA authority to get a proper cert?.

Ok with one or the other, struggle with both combined!. lol



Hey Guys

A bit of an update… Managed to get the SSL in place using Tom’s guide.

Can now access using a FQDN of Truenas using HAPROXY.

Unfortunately so can everyone else!!

Worst thing is, Truenas still won’t update or Install plugins.