Truenas Idenitfy and replace HotSpare

So my hot spare in one of my storage pools is failing (i believe)

Device: /dev/da12, Self-Test Log error count increased from 19 to 20.

I have a replacement, but, as the shelf is full, there are no empty bays to install it. From what I can find, I should OFFLINE the disk, then phyically swap them, then in TrueNAS ‘REPLACE’ the disk (or maybe just remove the spare from the pool, replace it, and add the new disk to the pool)

However, there doesn’t appear to be an easy way to id the phyicall location of the disk, I was hoping offlining it would turn off the lights on the disk?

So there are two issues

You can’t OFFLINE a hot spare?

If the remove the spare from the pool and replace it, is there a way to help me ID the disk phyically rather than shutting the server down, pulling every disk and checking the serial number?

The issue of labeling drives comes up from time to time but I have not done a video on it because there is not an easy answer when you build your own NAS. Labeling the drives with the last 4 or 5 of the serial # on the exposed end or on the trays is the way I often see this done. Sorry I don’t know of a better option though.