TrueNAS Help, Static IP and Console Menu

My router is offline ATM and my TrueNAS box as setup with a DHCP address and now I cannot access the webUI, defiantly lesson learned around when to use DHCP. I also have the console menu disabled in the webUI and I cannot figure out how to either restore it or set a static IP from the shell to access the server again. I am hoping I don’t have to rebuild this server from zero again, though there is nothing important on it as it is my download storage/scratch space.

If you locked out the console there is not really any easy way to get back in. I would recommend fixing the DHCP issue as it is likely the fastest way to solve this problem.

I can log into the terminal but I am only getting a command shell prompt vs the configuration menu. I will work on resolving the DHCP issue once the firewall is back online and go from there. Thanks for all your help and amazing videos Tom.

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Tom, thanks for the help with the TrueNAS box, I was able to spin up a DHCP server on another NAS that I was settingup as a quick way to get an address to the box. I have now been able to remove the console login and update the address to static.

Since you had it set to dhcp, if you rebooted the server would it come up with an address in the range like most other devices? (I’ve never tried this so I’m not sure).

If it did then it would be as simple as changing the IP of your computer to the same subdomain and connecting, might require a direct connection which would require a crossover ethernet cable, but this depends on how your switch is set up.

That was my first try but that did not work and when I first booted the server it said web interface unavailable and showed an address of

Oh, that doesn’t help very much. But now that you say it, I remember seeing the same in the past.