TrueNAS Fresh Install on IXsystems Mini

Hello, I’m new to the forum.

I bought my ixsystems mini x+ a while back, since then I’ve migrated to scale. I’ve been giving a bit more thought to the raid configuration as well as the architecture of the data sets. I would like to perform a fresh install of TrueNAS CORE. I understand that I cannot migrate back. As such, I hope to offload the data. Reinstall Core. Then copy the data back.

My concern is with a fresh install via USB back to a ixsystems mini will it retain the dashboard visualization of the chassis? The”View Enclosure” widget

If you ssh into the device, it has an option to default the device

Console Setup Menu | (

Thank you, just to confirm you are suggesting not to fresh install rather reset to defaults?

I assume this will take you back to factory defaults including the os that the mini was provisioned with?

Thank you again

Factory defaulting the device, will still keep the current version of Truenas installed and wipes the configuration of the device - data pool, datasets, network, etc

Why do not want to go back to Core

Do you still have the core boot environment . under System Settings - Boot Environment, Select the boot environment and click activate under the three dots

Page 13 - Mini Family Basic Setup Guide | ( to reinstall os from scratch

When you download TrueNAS there is not a different factory version versus open source version from their site. The system will detect that it’s on one of the IX systems boxes and set up the appropriate dashboard.

Thank you all for the help