TrueNAS | file sync and encryption | cloud backup

I have setup TrueNAS.

All my media files now reside on the NAS and are served to my devices from the NAS.

  • movies are served with Emby in a jail
  • music is served with Illustrate AssetUPnP server in a VM (too rookie to figure a way to make it run in a jail as it is meant for Debian10 or Ubuntu, not FreeBSD).

Those files are backed up on Backblaze B2 unencrypted.

My documents (outlook.pst, quicken, bills, invoices…) are still on the PC as a primary repository.

Following another blogger, I decided to install seafile server on the NAS and seafile client on the PC.
Beeing a rookie, I was not able to set the data to be mounted in a dataset so it is encrypted within the jail. Those files, when I backup them to the cloud, B2 or else, I want encrypted.

My actual problem I want to solve with this is that I actually have to backup the whole Seafile jail to B2.

Here on Lawrence forums, I have not read much about seafile.

However, I have read and watched @LTS_Tom videos about Syncthing. I took a look on Syncthing and from what I gathered, the file transfer is encrypted but the files themselves are not. So if I was to move from seafile to Syncthing to sync my documents on the NAS, they would not be be encrypted anymore.

I can see in the TrueNAS cloud tasks that I could crypt the files using rclone crypt but I have not read much about that.

Any suggestions on what would be the options with pros and cons :

  • keep seafile and backing up the whole jail;
  • switch to syncthing and try to make use of rclone crypt
  • else ?