TrueNas Drive choices

Looking at a change of direction for the TrueNas box, which is a Dell T340 server. At the moment I have 4 x 4TB WD Red Plus drives in a 2 x mirror vdev setup. 2 x 60GB SSD drives for boot and 2 x 120GB SSD for ZLOG drives.

Thinking of selling off a stack of drives I have and ending up with the following config:
2 x 60GB SSD TrueNAS boot
2 x Dell 1.6TB SSD MU drives SSDSC2BX016T4R - NFS datastore for hypervisor. Windows DC, Plex and other ubuntu VMs. I’m not using TrueNas as the hypervisor, I have another low powered machine for that.
2 x 8TB SATA drives WD Red Plus or Dell option for SMB and iSCSI. Data is user data, plex and iTunes etc.

Drives connected via a Dell HBA330, I could go SAS, but noise, expense and power.

Network connectivity is via a 1GB x 2 LACP setup.

I know this is a mirror vDEV setup and the concern of failed drives etc.