TrueNas DNS issues

I am having issues with DNS settings in TrueNAS. When setting a DNS server ( in the Networking/Global configurations, this change will not propagate to the resolv.conf file. If I manually enter it via the shell, the setting will will not persist after a reboot (I know it is not supposed to). The setting will also not propagate to any plugin jails created. I am specifically trying to set up a Plex Server, but I know the issue is that the global DNS settings are not being transferred to either the resolv.conf or the jail settings.

I am using DHCP and verified my DHCP server (Pfsense) is passing out as a DNS server to other devices on the network. Any help would be appreciated. This is the first plugin I’m attempting to install in TrueNAS so I never knew this DNS problem existed until attempting this plugin install.

Not an issue I have encountered. My TrueNAS systems as setup with static IP and DNS,