Truenas Disk Fast Wipe

Does anyone know what the actual internal command used for the Fast Wipe in Truenas is?

If the Fast Wipe is used on a disk from another system, especially if the system is a NAS system, the command does nothing at all though it says it is successful. This seems to trip a lot of people up when trying to reuse disks that were in another system.

Take a disk that was used in an array in another nas, put it in a Truenas machine, after it’s recognized as inserted do a lsblk from the command line and see the md partition info on the drive. Go to the Truenas GUI and Run the Fast Wipe on the drive. Go back to the cli and do an lsblk and the partition info is still there. The wipe did nothing at all to the drive. From the command line do a wipefs --all on the drive and in a few seconds it’s done, do an lsblk and see that yes, the md partition data is gone from the drive. I used a Supermicro chassis with a backplane that I can hot swap drives in for this but the concept appears to be the same for other systems.