Truenas Disaster Recovery

Not sure if this belongs in here or in the hardware section. I recently had a disaster while trying to scale out my Truenas system. I had been running in a single pool on two mirrored data drives and a single boot drive (that’s all my old hardware could handle). I was working on upgrading to a new system with mirrored boot drives and a larger data pool. While building my new system I had a failure on the old system and lost the boot drive as well as one of the data drives. The second data drive seems to have all the data but I cannot import it into my new build. When I look at the disk tabs it shows the drive but the pool is shown as NA, from previous experience I expected it to show the name of my former pool. It doesn’t show up on the list to import pools either. I ran testdisk on it appears that all the data is still on the disk, I was able to get pictures off the drive but nothing else usable. I have quite a bit of music and movies on there that is proving difficult to recover. I need help recovering the data if anyone has any suggestions or can point me where to look. I have not had any success with Google searches or going through this forum. Thanks for the help.

There are not a lot of people that can do ZFS recovery because it’s a VERY challenging task. Wendell and Allan did a deep dive on the topic here:

Thanks for the information, after a few days I was able to get the data back. The name had been deleted from the dataset. I was able to force mount it on a generic linux system with zpool import /dev/sd -fm after importing I was able to export the dataset. This did take quite a while to import, I watched it impatiently for about an hour before going to bed. In the morning it was imported. I exported the pool and then Truenas was able to recognize it as an importable pool.

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Awesome, happy to hear it worked!