TrueNAS Core VS TrueNAS Scale 2024

Feature Comparison

TrueNAS Core Scale
Operating System FreeBSD Linux
Open Source Yes Yes
Free Yes Yes
Containerization IOCage Custom Docker & Kubernetes
Virtualization FreeBSD Bhyve KVM My VM Tutorial
Central Management TrueCommand TrueCommand
High Availability (dual controllers) Yes, IX Systems Hardware Yes, IX Systems Hardware
Cluster / Scale Out No Gluster is Dead Something New Coming
ZFS version zfs-2.1.14-1 version zfs-2.2.2-1
ZFS Snapshots Yes Yes
ZFS Encryption Yes Yes
ZFS Replication Yes to Core or Scale Yes to Core or Scale
Active Directory Support Yes Yes

The Future of TrueNAS…

How To Get the Most From Your TrueNAS Scale: Arc Memory Cache Tuning


AD has always been a little “buggy” on BSD Core, do you think Scale might work better with AD integration? I haven’t had time to finish my lab system and give this a test, but in general Linux seems to join AD domains more easily than I’ve had luck with Core (better since Truenas 11.x).

I have used AD packages on Ubuntu. If it’s anything like Debian then IMO it’s way better than FreeBSD.

Hey… what’s this about iX Systems dropping my beloved rsync from TrueNAS? I like that bit!

They moved RSYNC from being part of the base OS over to being an application.