[TrueNAS Core] Tutorial Video Playlist for New Homelab User from Install to "Complete" Basic Setup?


IS there a playlist of Tom’s videos for the absolute TrueNAS Core n00b that covers everything from install to basic setup of a mostly complete, safe system that can be further customized later but is ready for basic SMB filesharing?

I’ve spent quite a while reading and watching videos from Tom and others, as well as gotten quite a bit of ZFS experience from Proxmox, but I’ve realized that I’m not sure what I would show someone who was starting from zero.

(The playlist on the YouTube channel is excellent. However, it has 40 videos and is a mix of Core and Scale and could be overwhelming for someone just getting started.)

If not, what would you include?
So far, I’m looking at:

  1. Installing TrueNAS Core: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JX1ZyRY3h-E
  2. Introduction to ZFS Layout: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h4ocFY-BJAQ&list=PLjGQNuuUzvmv_LHMcaub8QfrLD7Lc1nMW&index=9
  3. TrueNAS Core: Configuring Shares, Permissions, Snapshots & Shadow Copies – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QIdy6sR0HrI
  4. Security best practices for home/small office? I’m not sure which intro video is the most current.

What else would someone looking to run a file server at home need to be in a position to use their NAS, learn more later, not get in trouble?

Most users are moving to Scale so I am not sure how many more video I will be creating for Core only. But that list looks good.

Awesome. :slight_smile:

I will admit a certain … sadness … that everyone is moving to Scale just as I’m setting up my first Core box, but I absolutely understand the need to allocate your time to make the most impactful videos.

I’m pretty sure you’ve done a video on securing/locking down your TrueNAS install, but I haven’t been able to find it yet.

This one

as I read the future of the CORE editions. I got a " shit" feeling… why ? Since FreeNAS, I have everything I need installed and running in Jails (e.g. UniFi App-Contoller. Reverse Proxy,m Graylog, DNS/DHCP …) and now, i had to build this completly new on a SCALE Host :smiling_face_with_tear:
From my point of view, the changeover is not possible via script, but is allowed to rebuild ail by Jail and then switch to the new host.


Thanks! I’m looking forward to watching this.

Hopefully, I haven’t already done something I can’t undo. :slight_smile: