TrueNAS CORE --> TrueNAS SCALE Migration?

It sounds like I should pull the trigger and make the jump from TrueNAS CORE to TrueNAS SCALE.

I’m currently stuck on TrueNAS CORE ver 12.0-U8.1 because I’ve read about issues of getting jails to migrate when updating to TrueNAS CORE ver 13.0.

Now on reading that TrueNAS CORE is probably on the way out, I figure I might as well take it on the chin and jump to TrueNAS SCALE.

Should my update path be CORE 12.0 → CORE 13.0 → SCALE 23.1 or can I just jump from CORE 12.0 → SCALE 23.1.

My major question is on migrating my jails without loosing any data. Will anything automagically move or will I have to backup all my apps, reinstall them from scratch, and then recover the data. I don’t want to loose the history data (shows watched, users, series being monitored, etc.) from the following apps:
Plex media server data (users, watch history, etc.)

I am not sure if you can go from 12 to Scale, you might have to go 12 to 13 then Scale. No jails will be copied over and if have your jails setup properly to store the data in a dataset then you will have to line up that data and those mount points when setting up those same apps in Scale.

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Official instructions say that you need to update to 13.x (current) before doing the migration to Scale. I did not try going from 12.x to Scale because my lab was already at 13.current.

If you are running XCP-NG over NFS shares, my share connection got lost during the upgrade, guessing a GUID might have changed but not sure. I removed the share in XCP and added it back in and and made new VMs (my lab system), there was probably a way to restore the connection but I couldn’t be bothered at the time. Future me will move VMs off to another storage, do upgrade, then move VMs back (might be an over the summer project to get them off Core). The SMB/CIF share worked fine without messing around (ISO storage). I’m also still using the less secure ROOT access, I need to change this soon.