Truenas Core to Scale - NFS share no longer working with XCP-NG

So I just blasted my lab Truenas from latest version of Core (13-u6) to latest version of Scale (23.10.x). Mostly it seems to be fine, but the NFS share was no longer accessible from XCP-NG. The service was running, I could see that I still had a share built, etc. When I tried to power the VMs back up, the share was not accessible. When I tried to create a new VM, again no access. Turned the NFS service off and back on to restart the service, still nothing. Probably should have rebooted the NAS but I didn’t.

Since this is my lab, and I didn’t really have anything set up, I went scorched earth and “forgot” the SR, the added it back in. I’m building a new Debian VM (for XO-CE) and that is working fine. I’ll have to get a Windows Server eval back up to create a new lab AD, but that’s not a huge project.

Any ideas what I could have done to make XCP see the old share and see the old VMs? I have my production system to move over to Scale at some time, but it has 2 NAS I can use during this process, plus a little bigger local storage that I could use to move the VMs around during this change.

My guess would be to check the permissions on the NFS dataset.