Truenas core - to migrate or not migrate to scale

Hello all.

I have been using truenas core for about 1.5 years and very happy with it. Been debating on whether migrate to truenas scale or not. Even after watching numerous videos, still not sure.

I will start with my setup and what I using it for. I am home user and have lots of data/file and stability and throughput are the most important to me. I am not currently running VMs of plugins on it. I have 12 HDDs in 3 pools with my media being the biggest of 30TB and is half full. I stream movies using KODI and listen to music. I have nightly backups happening using rysnc to a backup truenas system. I have a 3rd truenas system that is my off-line archive.

Most shares are SMB with a couple of NFS shares just for proxmox .

With the way the freebsd is done on truenas core, you can’t certain things.

Thanks for your input and I know the decision in the end is my own.


The only reason (IMO) to switch to scale is if you are going to be running applications on it like plex, nextcloud, etc. Truenas CORE is built for your exact setup (SMB/Data storage) so as for the VM’s and jails, its mediocre at best for running jailed applications and VM’s. I’d say don’t witch because of your current use case.

Thanks for you reply. I am starting to do monitoring and getting metrics of my computer and networking stuff. I just installed checkmk as well and of course the agent will not run on truenas. I really would like to have some good metrics and such from my truenas systems.

Yeah, I use proxmox for VMs and LXCs.

Thanks again.

It is safe to migrate from Core to Scale?, I plan to migrate because of the Plex issue, since it is not working from core, but I am afraid that the data will be corrupted.

I migrated back when it was released with minor issues. I’m sure they worked out all the bugs since then.