Truenas core question

I have a truenas server with five 6TB WD Red hard drives. One appears to be having issues can i replace it with a different hard drive same size like seagate or WD Red pro as long as its same 6TB size?

I would recommend replacing them with like drives so it would have the same performance characteristics as the others but yes, as long as it is the same size it should work.

after rebooting truenas the hard drive appeared and it shows in good health

This is the hard drives and i thought it might be better not to buy SMR drives

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What a coincidence, I have been wondering the same thing since one of my WD40EFRX was reported as unavailable yesterday. In my case, a reboot didn’t solve the problem. Since I bought them in 2019, they still have warranty so I’ll try that route first.

Since you mentioned WD Red Plus and SMR: If you’re otherwise satisfied with WD, there is also the WD Red Plus line that uses CMR (WD60EFZX in your case, EFZX drives replaced the older EFRX).

Personally, I made the mistake of not really doing any research and going with WD just because they are a popular name and I’ve seen other people use them. Apparently there are more performant alternatives out there for the same price.