TrueNAS Core Mirrored vDev Questions

I am considering a TrueNAS Mini or a build to replace my 1, possibly 2 QNAP NAS. I use Raid 10 on the QNAP to avoid ever needing to deal with resilvering a lost drive. My last resilver took forever, failed and I had to resort to loading from a backup. For the size of my data, it made more sense for me to avoid parity and mirror drives. My usecase is less about storage size and more about avoiding data loss.

If I lose a drive in a mirrored vDev, does the drive just load the copy from the appropriate mirror?

I have also read there is no USB external backup functionality in TrueNAS. Is it recommended to backup to hotswap drives directly in the TruenNAS case (having available bays)? I would like to have a backup drive offsite in my safe deposit box. Another option is to rsync to a friend’s house over vpn. I have considered just using rsync to qnap, and then sync to usb from there and swap out drives every month or so.

To try TrueNAS out, I have an old z77, 3770k i7 I put it on with four older 3TB drives.

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I replicate my TrueNAS system to other TrueNAS systems using replication. I am not aware of any automatic way to have it mount drives either usb or hotswap bay as a backup method, but I imagine someone could write some scripts to make that work. Rsync is another viable option as it is built into TrueNAS.

I l’m new to TrueNAS but I think the preferred way is to use ZFS send to pull snapshots from the master system to the backup system.

I have a tutorial on how replication works here:


On a side note. Have a look in to installing truenas on the qnap if your happy with the hardware. I’m looking at doing this as I’m fed up with all the Security vulnerabilities on them

My 870pro is extremely eol. Might consider this for the 873 amd model. The other consideration is Truenas Mini X,XL (3-5 wk eta), or diy build. With the economy and supply chain Charlie Foxtrot, it may be best to just live with it until some semblance of sanity returns. And isolate it on its own vlan with access from outside other than via openvpn. I am disgusted and done with QNAP.