TrueNAS Core Failed Spectacularly when trying to create a jail

I just had this happen so I am making a post in case it happens to anyone else.

I have a fully updated TrueNAS Core 13.0-U2 that has been happily serving SMB shares to an active directory environment for 21 days. Today I had planned to move my unifi controller to a jail running on this server. I went to the community plugins and chose unifi server, chose dhcp as the network option. It got to 50% progress and then…


The web interface went down, the server fans suddenly hit 100% and my network registered a broadcast storm so heavy that my entire network choked. I had to hard power off the truenas machine to get even the dhcp server to come back to life.

I have no idea if it was me that overlooked something or what? I will note that the server is an HP DL380 Gen 10 with 4 gigabit nics and a 10G Card I installed myself. I’m afraid to turn it back on now and will probably try again during off hours but does anyone have any idea why that would have happened?

Same thing happened to me when I was still using FreeNAS - network Armageddon. Jump onto the TrueNAS community forums (TrueNAS Community). There are some extremely knowledgeable (albeit sometimes thorny :wink: ) folks there. Explain exactly what you did, how your network is configured (both on TrueNAS and your overall network architecture). I found that I generally got an answer pretty quick.