TrueNAS Cloud Sync to Backblaze: Object Lock best practice

Just found out about this BB Object Lock service but don’t want to mess up my daily TrueNAS Cloud Sync (not using Veeam) to Backblaze. What happens if I set the Object Lock date to say, one week hence? What will happen during my daily sync from TrueNAS, where the vast majority of files are unchanged? I assume BB looks for changes and backs up the delta only. Would prefer not to have to pick single date, after which files could be un-locked and then I assume I would have to keep updating this date. Would prefer to somehow automate so that it locks files for certain amount of time from last TrueNAS sync.

Guess I’m looking for best practice as to how to use this Object Lock service with TrueNAS cloudsync.


I have not done any testing on this and if I do in the future I will make a video on it.