TrueNAS Cloud backup options with single file restore

I’ve watched the TrueNAS Backup To BackBlaze video & it seems cool for disaster recovery (e.g. full data set restore), but I’m looking for a cloud backup option that can restore a single file possible from many versions back. Any suggestions for an option like that?

Not really any that I am aware of that work as part of the native TrueNAS cloud backup.

Doesn’t the standard replication snapshots work for this. I seem to remember one of Tom’s videos about using “Previous Versions” in windows. What I have seen, the snapshots show up in the list of available versions. It may not be for just one file, but I think it is down to a single folder/directory.

So the backup to BackBlaze, or any cloud based place, would be more for big disaster recovery. But the local snapshots would be for the “Oh crap…I didn’t mean to delete that” kinda thing.

The question was is there a cloud backup solution for that, not a local one where snapshots work fine.

I was thinking that the cloud backup needed a local snapshot to work, kind of like replication. So, there would be a local snapshot for the “Oh crap…” scenario.