TrueNAS Buildup - 2u 8-Bay Server

Hi everyone,
I am a small MSP and am planning a new TrueNAS server build for a client. The primary purpose for this will be for storage for local backups. It will replace an aging QNAP TS-469 Pro. I will iterate my situation below:

  • QNAP TS-469Pro-RP (rackmount, 4 bay, 10.82TB capacity (4 x 3.64TB - Raid 5) , 9.31TB used
  • New TrueNAS Build (Intended) - 2U Rackmount 8-Bay. Initial capacity 20 to 30 TB over 3 or 4 drives.
    Leaving 4 to 5 bays open for later expansion. New motherboard (ASRock E3C242D4U or similar), Intel Xeon E-22xx or similar, 64GB (2 x 32GB mem), LSI-9211, WD-NAS 10TB 3.5 drives, etc.

Initial concerns:
My initial budget is around $2500.
I have been looking for a 2U 8-bay chassis, SAS2 or 3 / 6Gb or 12Gb Backplane with bays for 2 x 2.5 SSD for OS (or 1 x 3.5 - adaptable to 2 x 2.5), 500+ redundant power supply, etc. I have found some, ex: (Chenbro RM244, RM23608, etc…AIC RSC-2KT, Silverstone RM22-308, etc). Most chassis such as these end up around $700+ with Power supplies & rails, and availability is scarce and prices are increasing due to current world economic conditions. One supplier has told me prices have increase 25%+. I know I can find used cases and components on Ebay, etc. but I would rather go new if possible, especially since this is for client production machine. I can create a solution that is near to my budget +/- a few dollars.

2U Chassis Options (alternatives to finding new chassis such as above).

  • Option 1
    I have one retired Dell 2850 server. I was thinking about attempting to retro-fit it with the new components (MB, Processor, Mem, etc), maybe use existing PSs and replace as needed. I would have to replace the backplane, as current is SCSI. So question is has any of you done something similar and do you think it is a direction to be considered?

  • Option 2
    I am looking at options at I have seen Tom’s video on the Dell server, albeit much more dense than my config, but I might consider a newer Dell machine than my 2850, maybe something like a R730xd or similar, if I could find a combination that can support my budget.

I would definitely value your feedback on what I have presented above.
Thanks much!

I think if this is just going to be a backup server, no active users working from it, no VMs or Jails the specs can be a little lower. I would say an R720 or R730 would be a great fit. With 1 processor, 32-64 GB memory to start.

You do not specify a reason for preferring new over used gear. But since most people think about reliability, when they do this, it should be noted that with some exceptions this is actually a wrong assumption. Used enterprise gear is less likely to fail than new stuff. I would make an exception for mechanical hard drives and buy those new.

Lastly, for backup purposes a pretty low-end CPU will be sufficient. I am running a Xeon E5 1620 (4 cores, 3 GHz) and it is almost idle.

I had stated that because the system was for a client, I would prefer new vs used. But I do agree about Enterprise equipment. I do have a supplier that came up with an In-Win chassis with 550W CRPS 80+ Platimim PSs and rails for $680, so I am considering. Still reviewing optiosns.