TrueNas as a VM


I’ve got a PowerEdge T340 (E2244G) that as TrueNas Core installed on it. I’ve considered moving to scale to then run a Windows 2019 Server as a VM (currently on an Optiplex micro)

I’m considering running XCP-NG or ESXi and virtualising TrueNas, Windows DC, standing up an Ubuntu instance for plex etc. if I stay with UniFi I’d create a vm for that too and sell off the cloud key 2. I’m considering migrating networking to Aruba instant on anyway.

As the TrueNas is only used for SMB and iscsi for a Windows 10 machine I can’t see performance taking a hit too much.

I’d prob get a RaID card for the hypervisor install and leave the HBA for pass through for TrueNas.

Disks available
4 x 3TB WD Red Plus in use atm
4 x 3TB SAS Seagate drives - on shelf. Too noisy and juicy
2 x 64GB SSD - TrueNas install
2 x 128GB SSD - Installed, but not used.

Server has 32GB ECC memory, but can be upgraded to 64GB

I never recommend doing it for production environments, but I do a have a video on the topic

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I’d agree with not running in a production environment, but this in reality is a home environment.

I’ll have a watch, thanks Tom.

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