TrueNAS Apps Networking


Long time subscriber of Tom’s YouTube channel, thank you for pulling me into the homelab rabbit hole :grin:.

I’m running TrueNAS Scale with several applications. The server hardware has 5 NICs and I’d like to specify which one each or all the apps use separate from the TrueNAS NAS LAN I use for SMB or other NAS related functions. Any way to exclusively specify which NIC / IP to use per App?


I don’t think TrueNAS Scale can bind each APP to a different IP, but you can bind the services such as SMB to a specific IP under “System → Services” and choose advanced then “Bind IP Addresses” to select that.

Much appreciated Tom, I’ll try that… Annoying thing is is during restart of the system the apps seem to arbitrarily pick a nic to bind to so depending on which NIC is bound, my outside services aren’t aren’t properly port forwarded in pfsense. Grrr


In Apps → Advanced Settings you select which interface to use for the “Route v4 Interface”. This interface is then used for all your apps (can’t have a separate interface or IP for each app).

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Hi ElectraFish,

Thank you for the suggestion, tried and TrueNAS is still deciding for itself to use the NAS main NIC. Very odd, after 3 restarts it decided to use the specified one after all with no config changes between restarts.


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