TrueNAS and fusion pool


I have building and TrueNAS server with a Super Micro 1U CSE-510T-200B Chassis for my Homelab setup. The server will have 2 ssd for the TrueNAS OS and I will connect a Dell MD1200 JBOD via SAS H200E.

The MD1200 has a 12 bays support. I will have 6x 3TB spinning HDD and 6x SAS SSD. Could anyone please advise on how the fusion pool would be setup in my case?

The plan is to have 2x pools in raidz2 1x ssd pool for fast storage like XCP-NG etc and 1x spinning for slower stuff like files.

The case can host 4x more ssd if needed.

Could anyone please help me understand how to create the pool in ‘hybrid’ mode? Do I create 2 pool with 2 metadata vdev made of 2 ssd each?

Thank you

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