TrueNAS 13 U4 - < urlopen error [SSL: CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED] certificate verify failed: self signed certificate in certificate chain (_ssl.c:1134) >

Hello Community,
the update to TrueNAS Core 13-U4 went smoothly. But since the 13-U4 I can’t update a jail from 13-p5 to 13-p7 via the GUI, because I get the error message entered in the header.
At my Internet Firewall i have entered the update FQDNs as an exception, so that a MiM is not used with the FQDNs. I currently lack the idea why the error message comes up (even with completely newly created jails).

Does anyone have an idea what to do to fix the error ?


Not something I have encountered, if no one here answers try the TrueNAS forums.

Hello @LTS_Tom,
I found the solution to my problem after doing an analysis of the data stream from LAN to WAN.
So I would like to share it here.

My problem was my permitter Firewall breaking the update pages with an SSL inspection, causing this error at line 11xx.

I have now created an exception rule for TrueNAS and the FreeBSD Jail update destinations so that they are routed from the LAN to the WAN without SSL inspection.


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