Truenas 13 install process

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Is installing from ISO the only way to upgrade TrueNas from 12 to 13 ? As per their site this seems to be the only way.

Updating Software for a Major Version | (

Reason for asking is my server is very much embedded in a cabinet and removing it to access the display port is going to take some effort. So wanted to make sure there was no other way to do an inplace upgrade to 13.

Also one more question is the time taken by Upgrade Pool dependent on the pool size and data stored on it? How much time would it take for a 16 TB Storage size. as i need to plan downtime accordingly.


No. In the link you postet it says:

You can upgrade to major releases (ex. 9.3 to 9.10) using either an ISO or the web interface unless the Release Notes for the new major release indicate that the current version requires an ISO upgrade.

I could not find anything in the Release Notes that says you have to update via ISO. So just switch the Release Train in the updater to 13-0-STABLE and you should be fine.

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Thanks. I did the web based update and it worked fine.

Any views on the Upgrade pool Activity ? How much time it will take. More importantly is it required to get the benefits of the performance improvement introduced in version 13.

Sorry I don’t know too much about the specifics of the performance improvements in this release yet. Maybe others have more insight here… But I would say that in most cases an upgrade of the pool is required in order to get all the latest and greatest improvements.

But be aware that you can’t downgrade the pool, which means if you for some reason have to roll back to TrueNAS 12, you will not be able to import the pool. So I think it’s generally a good idea to test a new TrueNAS version for a few days before upgrading the pool, just to make sure that every service you need is working properly.

I would not upgrade the pool yet, incase you have to go back to ver 12 for any reason.

Wait until 13.U2 to do the pool upgrade

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Thanks folks. Makes sense to run as is till the next release. Will do that.