TrueNas 13 Core Upgrade Challenge - ib_mthca Hangup

I recently attempted and upgrade from TrueNAS-12.0-U8.1 to TrueNas 13. After the upgrade, I was not able to get the system to boot. The boot process gets hung up at “ib_mthca: Initalizing ib_mtcha”. I even attempted a fresh install of TrueNas 13, and had the same issue.

Since this is happening on a fresh install I’m assuming it is a hardware comparability issue. This is being installed on a EMC Isilon NL400. Its a SuperMicro built system.

I am not the most proficient in FreeBSD, so any ideas to guide me in the right direction would be appropriated.

Not an issue I have encountered, probably best if posted in their forums

Will do. Thanks Tom. I will update this post with any resolution.

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In the event someone else runs into this on the NL400, the error is being caused by the Infiniband adapter installed in most of these machines. Since I am not using it, I simply removed the adapter. The system now boots fine.