TrueNAS 13 Core | Error Upgrading Pool XYZ | Legacy Encryption

Hello Everybody!

I am sure everyone is happy and currently upgrading to the latest marvel that is TrueNAS Core 13-RELEASE. Mind you all, FYI…you MUST do a manual update. Download the latest manual-update file called “TrueNAS-13.0-RELEASE-manual-update.tar” and MAKE SURE you have a recent tab open in your browser to access your WebUI…otherwise it will fail due to a web browser time-out error.
The Error displayed in such case is “Error submitting file 401 OK”.

Anyways, the real reason for this post. My system has an Encrypted Pool XYZ which has been upgrading from FreeNAS 11 (latest version) to TrueNAS 12 through all the upgrades in time. Of course, it still had “Legacy Encryption” labeled when running with TrueNAS 12-U8.1.

Now that there is new ZFS features (with version 13) I wanted to “Upgrade Pool” for this Encrypted Pool XYZ, but it throws a generic error with not much detail about it “Error Upgrading Pool XYZ”
I wonder if someone here in this community has had a similar issue? Or knows if this is a BUG. Or knows how to fix this.

Thanks for your time and for reading this post.


The TrueNAS forums are down right now, but there are some posts there about the old legacy encryption. I think there is a way to remove it, but I have never tested. I always move the data off the system and rebuild the pool.

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I had the same issue, though I wasn’t running legacy encryption. I did the pool upgrade via command line and TrueNAS seemed happy. The pool upgrade prompt went away. There were some posts about this I saw yesterday and this seemed like the resolution everyone had.

I believe it was something like:

zpool upgrade tank