Truenas 13.0-U5.1 - SMB Shares


We have the above truenas server running smb shares.

Is there a way you can restrict access to files by one user (i.e. user a open the files, user b unable to open file)

Or is there a way of user b getting an notification with Office365 that the file is already open

Clients are running Windows 10 , Windows 11

In windows you can disable inheritance on the specific file or folder, assign the proper user ownership and remove the unwanted groups/users.

Another option is to only create a directory specifically for them that they have access to or create them their own share with the proper permissions.

This is not the answer to my question.

Everyone needs access to the folder / files, just need to setup file locking on Truenas

To my knowledge there isn’t any “locking” mechanism. I know that SMB works as intended when user A has excel document open it will notify user B if they are trying to open the same file. I think its up to the program in question if it is locking the file on the SMB share. Not TrueNAS locking the file.

The APP locks the file, not TrueNAS.