TrueNas 12 Replicating Encryped Datasets

Hi, I have just setup a 2nd Truenas box, I chose to encypt the pool and downloaded the key.

I setup replication from my 1st truenas box (also has encryped pool) to send a dataset to my 2nd box.

My dataset arrived on the 2nd box with no problems apart from it being locked.

I assume I need to transfer my encryption key from the 1st box to the 2nd to unlock the dataset?

Can I have the encryption keys from boh boxes on box 2 and how would I do this?, tried googling but some of the results were confusing…I’m still a relative noob to truenas…any help appreciated…thanks.

They keys are not transferred as part of the replication process so it is important that you maintain backups of the keys for each pool on each server.