TrueNAS 12 Core Google Drive Cloud Sync fails - API Limit

I have a TrueNAS 12 Core setup that I’m trying to sync (pull) my company’s files from our Google Drive Account so we can have a local copy as a backup.

I setup a daily Cloud Sync task do pull files from the cloud. However, I’m getting everyday an error that I reached Google Drive’s API limit…

I currently have aroung 600 Gb on that Drive.

I can’t find the exact limits we are allowed to use, but I read somewhere that the limit is 10,000 calls every 100 seconds. Is there any way to make TrueNAS Cloud Sync Task obey that limit?

You have to set the limits within Google
Limits and Quotas on API Requests  |  Analytics Multi-Channel Funnels Reporting API  |  Google Developers.

Thank you for the information!

The link you sent is for a Google Analytics API, not Google Drive. Is that Google Analytics API really used for reading the files or something, or should I look into increasing some specific Google Drive API limits?

Any ideas on how to check how much I would need that limit increased to? Checking the TrueNAS logs or something… I have no idea what limit to request…

Google has limits on all their API calls and I don’t know the pricing for them.