TRUENAS 12.0-U3 Crashed

Hi folks
My experimentation with my TRUENAS server has led to disaster and and now it just keeps crashing and does not boot. I have taken a config backup yesterday when things were working fine. Is the following the correct way of recovering

  • Do a fresh install of True NAS on the boot disks
  • Import the configuration that was backed up earlier.
  • SSH to terminal and run ‘zpool import’

Would this bring back all my Datasets and Zvols back online like it was before the crash.
Will this also restore my Jails and VMs that were created on the server ?

EDIT : The good news is that since only the boot disk were corrupted, i did a reinstall and it gave me an option to upgrade with a sub option for format the boot disks. So i choose that an at the end of the install I had my machine back the way it was before the crash… Lucky me… But I would still like to confirm if the process i mentioned above is correct ?

I don’t think you need the import zpool command, I think that will get done with the config restore.

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Very nice work Greg_E

If you don’t have the config file, then you can (probably) salvage the data and vdevs of the storage with the import zpool. If you walk through the wizard, I think it offers the option to import existing pools. There are also ways (I needed to look them up the few times I’ve tried it) that you can recover the config. file after an emergency reinstall.

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Great. First thing i did was to take backup of the config file. I always make backup of config file before making any changes. So never know when i would have to use it.

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@Greg_E and @jinu

Great teamwork! Keep up the good work

As always,

Comrade Env1s10n :alien:

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