True Nas 12.0.u1 boot error running in xcp-ng with Sas controller pci passthrough

hi i have True Nas 12.0.u1 is running as vm in xcp-ng 8.2. with sas controller pci passthrough. xcp-ng running on dell poweredge r440

everything worked with on FreeNas 11.3.U5 and on True Nas 12.0 release worked fine. but after updated to true nas 12.0.u1 there is a boot error (root mount waiting for Cam) loop

After i removes pci passthrough with (xe vm-param-clear param-name = other-config uuid =)

the True Nas boot normaly. and has no error except that hd is missing

the error comes back when i add sas controller back (xe vm-param-set other-config:pci=0/0000:17:00.0 uuid=)