Troubleshooting VoIP dropped calls with Google Fi

I have been using Google Fi Messages to make calls from my PC. I have never had any issues making or receiving calls until recently. After I make a call and connect to a person. Everything goes dead a few minutes into the call, and it gets disconnected. It’s quite annoying to be talking to someone and get dropped and have to start all over.

I don’t believe it’s an Internet issue. I am on a fiber connection with 300 up and down. Although my current upload is around 125. I haven’t made any changes to my pfSense or my PC lately. And I don’t know what other ways I can test to determine if this is a network issue on my end. Or a network issue on the other end.

If anyone can provide suggestions on what I can do to test my network to determine if my network is causing issues with VoIP calls using Google Fi? What I can look at in the pfSense logs or maybe optimize in pfSense for VoIP calls would be great.

Edit: I should also note. Using my phone to make Wi-Fi calls does not have the same experience. So, I’m leaning toward an issue with either the subnet or my PC.

You could run a trace route to your voip service if you know the domain or IP. Does google do have a tester?

You could take pfsense out of the equation completely and plug your pc direct (for testing only and make sure your firewall is turned on)

No, they don’t. But I did dig deeper and found an issue with Google after I ran into a separate issue. That issue has caused me not to be able to do any further troubleshooting. But they still won’t acknowledge they have a problem.

I dug even further and it turns out the problem was a Google problem. I provided documentation and screenshots of where the error was occurring. And even though I pointed that out in the email. They never responded with a we resolved the problem. Hopefully, they take my suggestion to update their documentation. There’s a step that isn’t documented to get the full benefits of Web Messages to work properly.