Trouble with Hosted Unifi Controller on Vultr

I’ve followed the video from Chris at Crosstalk solutions My current plan with is [1 vCPU, 1024 MB RAM, 25 GB SSD, 1.00 TB Transfer]. I have 12 sites being managed on the cloud server. I’m finding that I get a lot of delays, rebooting, or something when adding another site or doing updates to devices. For example, If I add another site and then adopt devices to that site it seams like the server goes down and slowly comes back online. First it will disconnect completely giving me the message that it is trying to reconnect. Then when it does come back online I can login to the Unifi UI on the browser and when I check the sites many of the devices are disconnected. Then over a short period of a few minutes devices with slowly start to come back online and show “Connected”. Almost like the server has rebooted when I make changes and everything is now coming back online. Does this have anything to do with my CPU being a single core? Is anyone else using this method to host multiple sites?

I would recommend both more CPU and memory to run current versions of the controller. You can also log in and use a tool such as htop to see resource usage.

Do. you suggest a minimum CPU/RAM?

We have 8 cores and 16GB for our system, but we host a lot of site. Keep upping it until you don’t have an issue.

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