Trouble using HAProxy for wildcard certificates while stil being able to access local network shares via hostname

I followed the awesome video “How To Create pfsense Let’s Encrypt Wildcard Certificates using HAProxy” with success, so that just great. However, previously I have been used DNS Resolver to access my Freenas server via hostname ( pointing to the IP).

But now I can only access my freenas server for example in Windows File Explorer by using the IP and not the hostname. It makes sense because I set up HAProxy. So my question is it is possible to set up HAProxy to manage my wildcard certificates while still being able to access my freenas server via hostname?

Thanks in advance.

The wildcard certs & HA Proxy is for the web interface, not SMB shares. You should be able to use the hostname but not the FQDN as that would be pointed at HA Proxy.

Ahh perfect! And thanks for the clarification.

And thanks for some really great content!

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I’m having the same issue as runevee. Have an Unraid server and lost SMB shares a couple hours later. No problems at first.
In windows command line Tested using "Test-NetConnection -ComputerName -Port " I can reach the server with the IP address testing the samba port 445 and also in windows explorer with IP address only. Cannot use the Hostname.
Using "Test-NetConnection -ComputerName -Port " with my server hostname and same port 445 (samba port) Haproxy is directing the request to its interface, so it times out. This is killing my shares since windows uses a hostname to map drives.

My assumption is the Host override feature in Pfsense maybe causing it.

runevee did you resolve?
Tom/anyone else experienced this with freenas or Unraid losing windows mapped shares later (if you have them) and do you have a solution with Haproxy?

You have to have different DNS entry names, one that points to HA Proxy for services being handled by HA Proxy and the other that points to the actual server for for services NOT handled by HA Proxy, such as SMB.

Boom and it was that easy!
Thx Tom for your excellent contributions.

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