Transfer UCKP Owership

Thanks for the helpful videos! YOU have given me the confidence to attempt to turn my hobby into a paying hobby! So to my question… p.s. maybe others have this too and you might want to cover this?

I am just starting out in the business and completed my first client build. The client did not have a UI account at the time of build. Now that I’ve completed, we would like to transfer ownership to him. I do not see a clear way to do that, found what I would call a “hack” on the UI forum, but as I neither of us have physical access to the site, I do not want to attempt something that might not work (and require a trip to the site).

So to boil this down, once a job is done and the client accepts the work. How does one transfer ownership over to the client’s account (“safely”)?

Really not sure as we always register them to the client when we set them up.