Transfer mediawiki files to a new drive

So I was trying to install syncthing to the same vm as my mediawiki. I also was trying to install and run runit which caused the vm to start to run funny. The vm starts up but does not come to the login screen and the wiki does not run. I use proxmox as my hypervisor and I got the drive from the old vm attached to the new vm and can access the files. Yeah I should know backup and snapshot before I do something that stupid. The media wiki is running on debian 10 and just need either a website or blog that can tell me where are all the mediawiki files so I can move them. The sites that I have been finding talks about backups which I don’t have. I hope that someone has seen or knows of a way to copy the files from the old drive to the new working drive so I can save the data.

I’ve set up a MediaWiki site on Debian if I look in /var/www/html/mediawiki I can see a bunch of files. MediaWiki is a real pain when you need to fix things. I tend to copy the whole site to XML and the localsettings.php if I need to recover but keeping vm snapshots is just much easier.

Is that where the files are stored? I am going to make sure that I back things up for future or should I just start over and lose everything?

The text you enter in a wiki page must be stored in the database that you setup in the install procedure. Someone must have been in the position you are in luckily that isn’t me. I’d suggest copying these files, you might later find a way to restore the db and localsettings file.

Right! I am looking for where all the files are stored so I can copy them over to the new vm on the new install so I can recover it without losing it. If anybody knows of a website or blog that talks about this I would be greatly appreciate it.